What are the current fees?

The basic fee is currently £60 per weekly 60-minute lesson. Most parents prefer to pay termly in advance as they then receive a discount of 5%. 

What are your opening times?

As an independent professional tutor, I am able to offer tuition between 9.00am-8pm Monday-Friday. Term and half term dates are the same as local Surrey LEA schools. I also run optional revision courses during the Easter and summer holidays subject to availability.

Does my child need to attend every week?

Yes. Since commitment is vital to success, lesson slots are scheduled for a regular time each week. If your child is unable to attend due to illness or a school trip I will make every effort to offer a replacement session at another time in the same week or as soon as possible after.

What happens at the initial consultation?

This meeting lasts between 45 and 60 minutes and provides the opportunity for us to meet and discuss your concerns and your child's needs in order to see how I can help. It includes a written assessment of your child's current performance level. 

Does private tuition support what my child is learning at school?

Yes. The flexible teaching plan I draw up for your child is aligned to the National Curriculum. This is important as it ensures that your child can straight away put into practise what they have learned in my lessons.  This allows a rapid increase in confidence which leads to greater engagement and participation in their school lessons which in turn increases confidence even further. 

What feedback will I get about my child's progress?

Parents receive valuable feedback on a regular basis.You are welcome to call or email at any time for more detailed information or updates. Above all, you will very soon see your child's progress for yourself through his or her steadily improving results at school.

My child has Special Educational Needs – will she or he benefit from private tuition? 

Yes. I specialise in tutoring children of all abilities individually through multi-sensory learning, and have previously worked with many neuro-diverse students in the past. I teach each child as a unique individual with individual strengths and weaknesses, and follow an individual learning plan precisely tailored to their needs.

When is the best time to bring my child for private tuition?

As soon as you have any concerns. Please book in for an initial assessment and consultation to discuss your child's progress at school and have a closer look at their English skills. Difficulties can arise at any stage of the curriculum, and the sooner they are addressed the better, as your child will then really begin to thrive and enjoy school life to the full. This is why I tutor school pupils of any age from Year 1.

Should I inform my child's school that I am considering getting tutoring for my child?

Yes, please do. I have worked with many local schools, pupils and parents throughout Surrey. I am always happy to answer queries from your child's English teachers and heads of department and to liaise with them over strategies for improving your child's school work.

What are your terms of business?

I accept most forms of payment; cheque, BACs, cash and PayPal. With regard to notice, under normal circumstances students are expected to work the full term up to the holidays, and I am confident that your child will enjoy coming and will want to stay for the full term. However, if your circumstances change and you need to finish earlier you are free to withdraw other than at the end of term by giving two weeks notice to quit - in writing, please. If a student is booked in for more than five hours of lessons a week, the notice period is one month. 

I am interested to find out more about private tuition. What should I do next?

Please book a consultation for your child by emailing me or calling my mobile number. I will get back to you at my earliest convenience. 

PRIVACY POLICY : I take your privacy seriously and undertake never under any circumstances to share your email address or personal data with any third party.


“My eldest daughter was consistently getting a level 3 for her English and was on track to fail her GCSE English. Deborah has engaged with her, encouraged her and worked with her, so that after two terms she got a 6 in her mock English language. In addition, from hating English and feeling like a failure, her confidence has improved in the subject and she no longer dreads it. Deborah is not the cheapest English tutor you will find but her expertise and kindness are worth every penny.”

English Tutor in Surrey. GCSE tuition. Deborah Robinson logo  Maggie S, Guildford. 

“Deborah has tutored my two boys for just over a year now. The transformation in their English has been remarkable. To the extent I've had a letter sent back from the school commenting on the improvement in English, and after one mock exam the teacher used the template taught by Deborah as an example to the rest of the class. Deborah certainly has my highest recommendation.”

English Tutor in Surrey. GCSE tuition. Deborah Robinson logo  Elizabeth F, Guildford. 




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