“I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the exceptional dedication and care Deborah shows towards her students. Her passion for teaching and her genuine concern for students success is truly inspiring.

Thank you for always going above and beyond to ensure that students not only learn but also grow as individuals.”

Somy Guildford May 2024



"There is not a single adjective good enough to describe how wonderful Deborah is. My daughter's grades have soared since having English Language tutoring with her, despite the odds. She is so innovative at teaching English. My daughter finds the lessons very enjoyable and motivating. It has ignited a passion for writing in her. And Deborah's pets - Poppy and Bertie - are legendary for being good pals.

Hannah  |  Guildford | March 2023

"I can't recommend Deborah highly enough. Not only have we seen a real improvement with our son's grades, he enjoys his tutoring lessons, has found a new love for the subject and even started reading for pleasure. Amazing!"

Lou W  |  Guildford | March 2023


"I have seen a sustained improvement in Jack's work since he's been attending Deborah's sessions; his work is more thoughtful and structured, and he seems much more confident in presenting his ideas on paper. From feedback at parents evening, his teachers have also noted a significant improvement, and his grades are improving steadily - both in the classroom and in his home-learning. 

Deborah's calm and collaborative approach has benefited Jack enormously in what will be a critical year for him.  Her experience and knowledge of her subject, together with her understanding of exam requirements, build credibility and confidence for Jack - and for us as parents - which is invaluable. I know that the progress he has made will stand him in good stead for the coming months, not just in English - but in other subjects where clarity of reasoning, judgement and analysis are critical."

Sam B  |  Guildford



"After some persuasion, my 13-year-old daughter, who has a history of school refusal, started English lessons with Deborah. Studying for a period of two hours initially, after only a few months my daughter requested her lesson time to be extended. 

“Deborah seems to really understand my daughter's educational needs and anxieties and is always happy to tailor each session with these in mind, responding to my daughter's interests and ideas on an ad hoc basis.  

“My daughter really enjoys Art and Deborah cleverly incorporates this subject into their studies, which always makes it more appealing and manageable for my daughter. Deborah also has a fantastic range of resources which she makes available for use. My daughter really appreciates, and is suited to the calm, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere Deborah creates at her home."

Jo H  |  Guildford



"My daughter is 16 and is dyslexic and has a developmental language disorder. She has struggled in English language despite going to a specialist school. She has an active imagination but is unable to express herself. Deborah is an excellent private tutor who made my daughter feel at ease and really brought out the best in her and made her believe in herself. She even admitted to enjoying the lessons!! I will definitely be using Deborah again when my daughter enters college and needs help with written assignments!! I cannot thank her enough for helping my daughter through her GCSE's."

Juliet  |  Cranleigh



"My eldest daughter was consistently getting a level 3 for her English and was on track to fail her GCSE English. Deborah has engaged with her, encouraged her and worked with her, so that after two terms she got a 6 in her mock English language. In addition, from hating English and feeling like a failure, her confidence has improved in the subject and she no longer dreads it. Deborah is not the cheapest English tutor you will find but her expertise and kindness are worth every penny."

Maggie S  |  Guildford



I really cannot rate Deborah highly enough. She is a really exceptional teacher who has a natural gift. If all my son's teachers were of her calibre, I am sure he would get top marks for all his GCSE subjects. Deborah is a very positive and likeable person, who genuinely cared about my son and his understanding of his GCSE English Language subject.

“Her enthusiasm was quite infectious and my son would leave the lessons so much more positive. She tailored all the lessons according to what would help him achieve his full potential. If you are looking for a private tutor to help your child grow in confidence and knowledge of the subject, I would most definitely recommend Deborah.

Clare Moore



"Deborah is the best possible English tutor. Everything she says is based on years of experience, and she is the loveliest, most down to earth person. She has taught me so much and I attribute all success to her. Also she has a really cute dog and her cosy home is a truly amazing work environment. Everything is personal to what I need and she always pushes me to get the best grades out there rather than what I feel I can achieve."

Katy  |  March 2021  |  Woking


"Since our daughter started taking lessons with Deborah, we have seen a big improvement with her writing, composition, structuring and confidence.  We relocated from the US and we decided to go under the IB (International Baccalaureate) system, and Deborah has helped us make that transition easier. She is helpful, encouraging, kind, connects well with children, gives good feedback and always constructive. We are very happy to have found Deborah."

Marco R  |  Hook



"My son has been tutored by Deborah for 6 months, he started when he went into year 10. He has a weekly, one-hour lesson. The lessons are in a lovely welcoming and calm home environment.  This one to one tuition has really developed his writing skills, how he tackles English papers and giving him confidence to structure his sentences and develop his descriptive writing. He is gaining great results in his mock exams. He feels he gains a lot from the lessons and the teaching style is very positive and encouraging.

Thank you for all your hard work and encouragement."

Helen W  |  Guildford



"Deborah has been an incredible tutor for my daughter over the last 2 years and I feel blessed to have met her. We met Deborah at a time that my daughter had been out of education for some time due to challenging behaviour. Deborah did not judge us and nurtured my daughter giving her back her confidence in her abilities, she has enabled my daughter to enjoy learning once more.

Deborah has an amazing quality of identifying each student's best learning method and adapts her teaching accordingly. She understands that not one size fits all and has not only educated my daughter academically but has also supported her socially and emotionally through her diagnosis of ASD. Deborah goes above and beyond and is always positive, happy and enthusiastic, and this shows in her student's enthusiasm at being taught by her."

Sally P  |  Guildford



Only two lessons completed for my sons GCSE English, thus far he is very happy with the areas covered. The tutor is clearly experienced in the syllabus and demonstrates clear communication skills that a year 11 student is able to feel at ease with. Very, very happy, lucky to stumble across such a gem.

Nicholas H



Deborah is fantastic! Only had 6 sessions with her so far and the improvement my son is showing is incredible. He's even enjoying the sessions which is an unexpected bonus!!

Jane H



"Deborah has completely changed my life. I had been in and out of schools and PRUs for years before I found Deborah. She took me on when I was not willing to work and had given up on the education system; that was in year 10, I'm now nearing the end of year 11 and achieving 7s and 8s in both English Literature and Language. Deborah has also supported me in my Maths GCSE and fine art GCSE. She has lots of art supplies and is so accommodating – anything I have needed, she's ordered in.

Not only has Deborah improved my grades, she has taught me the social skills and work skills that I will need in life. She is more than a tutor; she is truly a friend. She's able to work around people's individual needs and help them learn the best way they can. Being autistic meant I needed to do things a little differently, and Deborah is definitely the most understanding person when it comes to people's differences. Anyone that has Deborah as a tutor should feel very lucky, she's a life changer."

Molly P  |  Guildford


"Deborah has been thoughtful, kind and enthusiastic and I would happily recommend her to any student needing help with the subject. She has been very supportive to us parents given that my son has limited mobility and my son is happy to be tutored by Deborah for his GCSE in 2019."

Subrata  |  Guildford



"Deborah is fantastic at explaining how and where improvements can be made and building confidence!"

Helen W  |  Guildford



"Deborah is probably the best tutor you will find, she is amazing, I just wish I had found her a bit earlier!"

Nikki  |  Guildford



"Deborah knows very quickly what you need help with and also what you do well."

Abdullah A  |  Guildford



"I'm working on my A-Level in English Literature, and since I started lessons with Deborah, I have gained hugely in terms of my confidence and exam preparations. Deborah is an excellent tutor with a clear understanding of the needs of her students. I am very grateful for the tremendous help Deborah is giving me and would recommend her wholeheartedly."

Aida  |  Guildford



"Deborah has been teaching my daughter for her GCSE English language and English Literature. She identified what my daughter should have improved in her English essay and taught exactly what my daughter needed. Because of Deborah, my daughter has gain confidence in her English GCSE and really enjoy studying English. We are really happy with the progress and really grateful with her hard work. I would love to recommend Deborah."

Jennifer P  |  Woking




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