Schooling today is fast-paced, pressurised and highly demanding. Students can easily fall behind and subsequently not achieve their potential. It may be that a student has not understood a topic upon its initial introduction, with future lessons therefore failing to make sense. As a result, students switch off and decide that they “don't like” or “can't do” English. When this happens, students require additional, more personalised support in a nurturing and stress-free environment. This is where I can help – to restore confidence and fill any gaps in your child's learning. 


individual teaching plans for individual students

Every student learns at a different pace and naturally are more drawn to some aspects of study than others. I will guide your child and encourage them to adopt a growth mindset so that they can learn and comprehend at their own pace.

Unlike in the classroom, I create a relaxed study environment that is free of judgement, allowing students to return to basics and build confidence ahead of their 11+, GCSE or A Level exam.



My Approach

It is often the case that a student needs additional support and nurturing to ensure the best possible results in their education. Schooling today is fast-paced and pressurised and it is easy for a child to fall behind and therefore not achieve their full potential.

During private tuition, one of the first assessments that I will make is identifying the student's preferred learning style. Finding what turns the key for a particular student is the foundation of effective tuition. Once the preferred learning style is ascertained, I will tailor each lesson accordingly, and the learning resources used, to suit that style. This ensures maximum engagement during the lesson and increases the efficacy of the English tuition process.

I take a holistic, non-judgemental approach to teaching and I am focused on facilitating the individual learning process: working collaboratively with students to unlock their potential and nurturing a life-long growth mindset. 



I provide an all-encompassing, personalised tuition service. While I specialise in GCSE revision, I also offer tutoring in the following:

  • Primary
  • 11+
  • KS3

  • GCSE English Language
  • GCSE English Literature
  • A-Level English Literature
  • A Level English Language

  • Home Schooling: consultation and tuition
  • Feedback and support for English Literature Undergraduate assignments (including dissertations)



" My daughter has always struggled with school and in year 8 was unable to attend. She was diagnosed as autistic / PDA in January 2021 in year 9. We were fortunate enough to be recommended Debbie by the HSLW at my daughter's school. She was initially reluctant to have a tutor but after only a few sessions she definitely became more accepting. She now attends her weekly session without argument and comes out happier and ‘lighter'. Debbie's flexible and calm approach is so refreshing, allowing my daughter to work at her own pace and level but most importantly letting her feel in control of the work. Debbie's warm personality and beautiful home create a calm and welcoming environment for my daughter to thrive. We are truly grateful for her understanding and genuine desire to help." 

English Tutor in Surrey. GCSE tuition. Deborah Robinson logo  Alison C. | March 2021 | Woking

“I was looking for an English teacher for my 8 year old son as he struggled with keeping up in school. He is autistic and very intelligent generally which is why lagging behind in class was causing him frustration. I am lucky that we found Deborah who is absolutely brilliant. She is lovely, kind and sooo patient. Her teaching style is child-centered. My son initially had only four lessons but it was like he found  the missing piece and thrived at school. We started extra lessons a couple of months before the 11 plus exams. Not only has he excelled in English but the confidence in other subjects is so evident.

I can't imagine where Suhaan would be without Deborah. I would highly highly recommend her. If you want peace of mind, choose her!”

English Tutor in Surrey. GCSE tuition. Deborah Robinson logo  Aish | March 2021 | Guildford



more than just english tuition

I am also available to serve as a private tutor for GCSEs in Maths, Religious Studies and Art, along with supplying broader help with general exam techniques and GCSE revision.
Feel free to contact me to find out more about my A level and GCSE tuition services.




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I am a private English tutor based in Surrey. My teaching approach is holistic & non-judgemental with a focus on facilitating the individual learning process.

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